Blessing Breakfast

We hosted a little breakfast at our house after Tate’s blessing, seeing as though our church was at NINE in the morning. Yikes. We had no furniture, no seating, so many people crammed in our little space… It was pretty much chaos. But it all worked out and we loved feeling the love! Can you believe all of these little Fielding cousins? We started off with a mini girl gang and now the boys have taken over! It was so wonderful that most of my family was able to come, and in a snow storm no less. Really grateful for them making the effort to be together.

I’m so sad we didn’t get any pictures with the Gerstners, I just wasn’t thinking. They of course are incredible, pretty much the best family I could’ve married into. They do so much for us! And are so loving. And no pictures of the little details either. If you can call little cereal boxes details? In my head it was so much more *cute*. Speaking of breakfast, so many people helped and brought food—especially thankful for Coby’s brother Clay who grilled bacon in our garage and our friends Jamie and Zach for whippin’ up the pancakes!

Tate is so loved. We are so supported. Loved having this day for him!

Natalie Fielding