Baby Shower & 34 Week Update!

Baby Shower

This last week has been a little crazy to say the least. Coby's Grandma Addie passed away the day we got home from Seattle and then Coby took off to Texas for work. We've spent a lot of time with family in town in preparation for the funeral yesterday, which just so happened to be the same time as a baby shower that my mom (who I'll just throw out for journaling purposes that I haven't seen for 18 months...) planned and hosted for me. So you could say there were a lot of emotions happening this week... Luckily I was able to make it to the viewing in the morning and then head out to the shower! Grateful for everyone who came to support, for my cousin Ani for picking up my camera and taking these pictures, and for my sisters Lauren (pictured giving me nipple care advice, yikes) and Breck (oh so lovely-ly in the last one) who took the time to come. Right after the shower I headed up to Heber for the burial, but unfortunately didn't make it in time. I did, however, make it in time for the best raspberry shake I've ever had at Granny's.

So let's do a pregnancy update!


34 Weeks

I'm 34 weeks. 8 months. Very much in the third trimester. And large. And my ribs hurt. And I lost my job a few weeks ago! A series of seemingly unfortunate (or fortunate?) events. Of course the company changes that led to my letting go 2-3ish months before baby aren't ideal—but I've spent the last little while applying for new jobs, picking up freelance design work, and building a new website for said freelance work. Hopefully I'll be able to finish off the site this week and get the word out there for some potential clients! Fortunately Coby is so good and already had us on a pretty good budget (RIP eating out) as we're saving for a house in October (more news!). We've also bought a new car that will be much better for baby and for Coby to drive. There is definitely something to be said about ac and a lack of anxiety over breaking down on the side of the freeway. Other plus's include the laundry always being done and a lot of Queer Eye being watched. So again, losing my job was not ideal, but we're making the best of it and morale is good!



Alright back to the pregnancy. Symptoms! More like my poor little ribs! It's definitely so much more manageable than it was, but the area around my ribs gets pretty sore from the babe and then my back will follow suit from overcompensating. I was prettttty swollen when we were in Seattle, but luckily a lot of that has gone down. Regardless, I'm large with or without swelling that's for sure. I've been trying to go on walks up Rock Canyon and that's been awesome! Physically and mentally. Oh there's so much more I could say. My calves ache (I had restless legs before pregnancy too). And I got my first charlie horse this morning and completely freaked out for Coby to "fix it!!!". Bless his soul. I am totally a complainer, but in hindsight it really hasn't been so bad!


Lil' Babe

Not much intel on lil' babe. Other than he moves nonstop! Like SO much. It was really sweet, one night when we were in Seattle he was kicking so consistently, that I grabbed my sister in law Amy's hand to feel. Suddenly all the little cousins were up and giving me their hands to feel him kick! And every single one who wanted to did! It was like he was saying "hi!" to everyone. Melt my heart.

He should be somewhere around 4-5 pounds and 17-18 inches. It's crazy to start organizing through the oh so generous gifts we've received and think of him in these tiny outfits. We have an appointment and an ultrasound at the end of the week and I can't wait to see him again.

T-minus 6 weeks!