Baby Boy!

Marnie crashed my little impromptu, very cliche, gender reveal shoot. Can you blame her though? A lot of eggcitement (ha) going on with all of those eggs. We're so happy! I felt like we were having a boy and Coby most definitely wanted one, although he maintained he'd be happy either way (but really he wants to teach him how to skate I guess). Regardless of how "sure" we were it was still crazy being in that ultrasound and our technician telling us first thing. Like, I had barely laid down before we knew.


I told myself I wouldn't be so into all of the gender stuff, but it's so hard not to love all things little boy. If only you could see my secret registry of baby clothes, I mean the shoes alone... I feel so much more connected to him too. I'm like 95% sure we have a name (well, we have three) and we already love this little one so much. Coby's mom would always say to him, "I'm so happy you chose to come and live at our house", and that's exactly how we've been feeling. We're so lucky!

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