Second Trimester

24 Weeks

I'm 24 weeks along! Well into my second trimester and feeling really good. I can honestly say that this has been the best part of pregnancy.



I did have round ligament pain for a good week or two, and now my rib hurts in the afternoons... But again, I feel really really good! I'd take these little pains over nausea any day. I've even had my first official craving and nomed out at J Dawgs yesterday. Don't worry, Coby triple verified hot dogs were safe for me to eat :). I have the RH factor and had to get a rhogam shot after I hit and bruised my leg pretty bad (#precautionary), but everything worked out just fine. It was actually pretty comforting going into labor and delivery for the shot and getting to know the nurses. They're angels from heaven above!


Lil' Babe

Baby is looking really good too. I have an anterior placenta so I hadn't been able to feel him move until just recently. It's the coolest feeling in the world! Like little flutters or bubbles. Poor Coby has yet to feel him despite my grabbing his hand every five seconds. And I've popped! I am measuring a little small (although it does not feel like it), but we've been lucky to have an ultrasound every single appointment and love love love seeing him. It's always a little bit of a wakeup call too. I feel like I couldn't get my hands on enough information in the beginning—but then I got burned out and have been chilling ever since. We did buy a bassinet so we can check one thing off the list! That and my first pair of maternity pants (thank you asos). Also thank you leggings. Homegirls' best friend!

T-minus 16 weeks lil' babe!

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