New York City

One day my dad called, somehow having a flight credit in my name that had to be used by the end of the month. We were initially going to use it for me to fly home to Arizona for the weekend, but nothing was really going on and I thought why not use it for more? An hour or two of research later I called my dad and pitched New York instead! Needless to say it went well. I got my mom onboard and the three of us made a trip out of it! I'm the baby of the family (yes I have been spoiled, and no, they actually are stricter on me) so we've spent a lot of one on one time together as all my other siblings were out of the house. I was excited to have a slice of that again!

Andddd having it in New York wasn't so bad either... Thus.

Day one. The Met, Times Square (our hotel was here), pasta (not pictured), and lots of bagels (where a giant cockroach fell on my dad's head whilst eating, also not pictured)! 

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