Hot Springs & Story Time

For Christmas Coby got me a hard drive which has finally been saving myself, well, from myself! I'm getting all my photos organized and finding some lost gems along the way. Gems including these pictures from the Hot Springs last year. And GUYS are these so sweet to me.

Story time?

Coby and I had just gotten back together (aka I begged him to take me back 3 months after breaking it off) and were still learning how to be "us" again.  We were simultaneously addressing and caring to the hurt both of us were still harboring from our time apart. It was amazing and weird and hard all at the same time. Anyway. Whilst hiking we talked about our short lived but somehow packed (*cough both of us*) dating experiences... Philosophized about ourselves and our families and the current state of our relationship (brand brand new! again!)... And by the time we hit the springs, we'd decided to get married (again!).

I know. Wat.

Moral of the story is, if you want to get someone to forgive you and love you and be your baby daddy hike to the hot springs!!! And if you want to kick it up a notch, almost pass out from hypothermia on the hike down and have him practically carry you to the car and revive your cold body back to health. MEMS fam, mems.

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