Our First Married Valentine's!

Our first married Valentine's Day! And quite possibly my favorite one yet! Going into Valentine's we had no real plans of what we'd do. Neither one of us could (can!) remember Valentine's Day last year, there's seriously no trace of it, but we know we used to switch off years. Typically we'd make dinner and do a night in, but I'd been feeling a little sick lately and felt bad staying home again. Luckily Coby's as much as a homebody as me so we decided to go for it.

Coby totally surprised me the night before with TWO bouquets of flowers. Because he's nice like that. The next day I did my best to clean the apartment, laundry, dishes, etc. and set up our bathroom for a nice bath! (TMI?) I've been living in the tub lately and it's quite possibly Coby's favorite leisure activity of choice, so why not? He made the most amazing steak of my life, his parents brought by the yummiest cheesecakes, and we hung out with my sister and nephew for a little bit. Marnie even got her own Valentine's!

Once everyone left we hung out in the tub (again, sorry TMI, I've been feeling sick!...) while we watched an episode of the OC (a favorite from our early dating days). Anyway, I'm super lucky and super grateful and couldn't have scored a better husband. He really, truly is the best.

And yes, Marnie is on our counter. Please don't kitty shame us.

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