One Month

One month with baby Tate!

He is the sweetest little boy. He loves being worn in the wrap, dad’s made up songs, and of course eating. Oh my goodness does he love eating. Nursing was the one thing I was terrified about, yet it’s really been no big deal. Of course it has had it’s challenges. There are cluster feedings on cluster feedings, worrying if he’s getting enough and trying to build up a supply before I start working... But he has definitely made it easy on me. Tate’s been a really good sleeper too! So grateful for that. Even if it is getting harder and harder to put him down at bedtime. He’s started smiling back at us too and it’s amazing! I wish I could memorize his little newborn sounds and movements before they’re all gone.

Love you buga.

Natalie Fieldingtate, personal