Disneyland Is For Lovers

As part of our engagement celebration we ran away to Disneyland! We recruited Coby's friend Zach to take us around with the inside scoop (local perks) and it was a DAY I tell ya what. We hit up my new fave ride Snow White. Got stuck on Hyperspace Mountain. Pirates was closed. And Haunted Mansion pulled through like it always does. We learned early on to make friends with the people working, and if they liked us enough we got hooked up! Front of the line and fast passes galore! My Disney meals were as follows: dole whip, churro, dole whip, free bread, free chocolate, free bread again, boudin turkey sandwich, free bread again, bengal skewer, lemonade, and I'm pretty sure I went back for one more dole whip.

And scene.

Please refer to my "churro" face and following montage for proof.

Natalie Fieldingpersonal