All I Do is Photograph Flowers (& Other Life Updates)

It seems like all I do is photograph flowers, and while that's true, I do have other things to say for myself. I'm working at a new job for starters. I wasn't looking for one in Utah right away, as life was kind of crazy at the time. Between wrapping up a class (I know, I know), helping out with family, and figuring out how I really felt about being away from important people in my life (again, I know)— things were still very much up in the air. But after having left Sycamore, this new opportunity came along and it seemed too good to pass up. I decided I'd be stupid to say no! It helps that they feed me ridiculously good food everyday. And when I say good, I really mean gourmet baby shower food with portions x10 plus all the Annie's bunnies I could ever want. Yes please. And it especially helps that Coby accepted a job back here in Salt Lake! Say it with me now, no more long distance!

In preparation for the big move back (and also just because I asked him to visit, oops) Coby came a few weekends ago! We went to the Symphony, an RSL game, the Provo food truck round up, played with Karl the frenchie, saw Star Wars (shout out to Clay who used to read this blog), took a million and one boomerangs, swam, ran, hiked Stewart Falls, and rediscovered Dole Whip. Oh and we ate at Mama Chus AND Olive Garden, because I have no self control. (As a mushy side note, that picture of me is what I see when I think of myself. My hair is awkwardly slicked back, my nose may appear a bit large, and that hoodie is borrowed and definitely 10 sizes too big for me, but it's me!)

What else... I ran the Salt Lake City Half with my friend Erika's sisters Jessie and Annie! For only "officially" training for 2 weeks (I'm seeing a trend here) I only finished a minute slower than last time! So that was good news. The bad news was that I had NO SHAME walking here and there the last two miles. Even when I turned the corner and could see the finish line I thought, "eh I can walk 30 more seconds". MOST NORMAL, MOTIVATED PEOPLE DO NOT THINK THAT WAY. So there's that. In other, athletic news, I've been playing on an intramural volleyball team (go Mermaids!) and yelled at the ref for the first time in my life. Though I'm not to particularly proud of that, or of that game in general, for some reason I feel like telling everyone I know? I still got some fiest in me? It's a lot of fun, but now that the competition is heating up it's getting a little too real a little too fast. All of my memories of subpar (at best) high school and club play is coming back to me. And it's not pretty.

But! Summer is around the corner (summer is pretty) and I'm planning for it to be full of hikes, swimming, and all around being less lazy. Which if you know me, you know lazy comes very easily. Feel free to send any and all adventurous goodwill my way.