My camera came back to life!

Back to life! It's a (post) Christmas miracle. I was (am!) so happy, I may have overshot MLK day to compensate for the lack of Christmas day pictures. My poor nephew, a little dudes got to have his sledding documented you know. It's a new year! Sweet Sixteen!

But more about me... I did finish Gilmore Girls (the perks of working from home more often than not lately) so now I can move on to some more adult worthy resolutions. In other news, I've been spending a lot of time skiing with friends and family. Fresh snow cones on the mountain, midday unstrapped powder play, and freezing pinky fingers included. It makes me feel a lot cooler than I really am (Jupiter! Pow Pow! Shred?). Anything to keep the winter blues at bay. That and my new fir tree candle I light on the daily. It is balmy, mountainy, wintry goodness. Although, that could also be the vent in my room that I swear blasts freezing air. Help. In spite of the heating situation though, life is so very happy right now. I am so blessed.