Birthday Thoughts


I turned 22 on the 25th! And I never wanted the day to end. I spent my time at Lagoon with boo thang, ate too many breadsticks, and finished off the night with some strawberry ice cream and balloons from my dear roommates. I woke up in the night from all of the excitement (and maybe all of the times my body was flung upside down had something to do with it too? That and the sugar?) so I put my hair into some sweaty, post-park braids and wrote down a few thoughts as I start this 22nd year.

Like, how much people really do mean to me, and how I want to better appreciate and cultivate those friendships. And to look outward a little more. And to project some more confidence out into the world, instead of criticizing. Constantly. And along with that to not have so much of a filter, in deciding whether or not things are cool, or ugly, or worth my time - and then holding myself to that ridiculous standard of exclusivity. Then I need to work on holding myself to a routine, a routine that includes working out and cooking meals and doing my laundry. Girls got to grow up sometime, right? Also to just get things done this year! I go through my waves of feeling exhausted, apathetic, and unambitious. But those waves are crashing closer and closer together and I'm ready to have a few words with my moon to slow them down. I want to make my own luck.