Plein Air / Graduating


Though I've walked in the graduation ceremonies, I won't officially receive my diploma until I complete a Plein Air oil painting class. Who knows how or why this happened. Because I


have no clue how to paint nor a desire to learn, I dread every class... But on the other hand it's been much more fun than I anticipated. We go to beautiful locations, take mini hikes to our respective spots, and I'm kind of finally making friends in the major. And one day there were kittens! I'm learning a lot (emphasis on the "learning", not so much on the applying) and having the class itself has acted as a nice transition into this new season (of the year, of life, etc).

I've been struggling a lot with the "creative" me. There's just so much content out there and everyone is amazing at what they do (darn you Instagram). I'm feeling so totally stuck with photo, design, and now I have a nice, total lack of ambition to go along with it. It's all tons of fun. College has never been easy for me to begin with, but super senioritis is so real. I guess I didn't really know how I really felt about this whole lack of graduating thing (other than a fraud, failure, late bloomer, etc.) until I happened on this episode of Fresh Prince last night. So this is me: