My sister's such a good little momma and somehow has a six pack? From doing, like nothing? Unless picking up weaving and becoming a cloth diapering spokesperson counts. Which okay, yeah that just about locks down new mom of the year over on aisle three. Which is probably the organic aisle...

And speaking of skills, Coby is continually revealing all of these secret ones. It's amazing to say the least. Last year it was the guitar. A little bit before that, playing piano by ear. He pretty much taught me Photoshop. Then smoothie making, then zit popping (too much?). And now he's a mechanic? The window in his car wouldn't roll down, some lights weren't working... Basically the drivers side was paralyzed. Bada bing, bada boom and an hour later it's as good as new.

Before I was totally impressed with his auto skills, we took a little trail up to a lookout point and


. I just became so accustomed to the bare trees and hadn't realized just how dead Provo looks. But it's kind of pretty, no? The wind was blowing, the straw was glowing, and boy do I just wish I made it a priority to be outdoors. And rhymed more. Yes, rhyming is not a bore. Rhyme and your words will soar! Done now.

Real talk. I'm in that unambitious and weirdly tired mode that's taking a toll on my ability to complete even the simplest day to day tasks. It's crunch time for me. Graduation seems to be barreling closer and closer and I feel out of time. I need to get my portfolio designed and assembled, my announcements out, find a place to live... And oh wait! Lest I forget, first I have to pass stats! I just feel wiped out. And eating leftover (and amazingly delicious might I add) chocolate cake for breakfast probably doesn't help.

But maybe procrastinating for just a


longer and listening to this song will.

Here's to hoping.