To Twenty Fifteen

2015 sounds like a good enough reason to blog, doesn't it? A nice deep cleaning of the apartment has been done, same with a healthy dosage of orange eating (and a few orange rolls too...), and with that I think I'm just about ready to take on the New Year! Finals were brutal this last go around for whatever reason, but pretty satisfying once all was said and done. That in mind, I'm a bit hesitant for school to rev back up tomorrow. The cold doesn't make it any easier, but boy is it snow beautiful out (ha)! And I have the best person(s) to enjoy it with. Utah will do that.

I guess I just wanted to note how I'm always surprised with how much I feel I've grown year after year. The feeling will never get old.  As a person, as a creative, as a roommate, whatever. That I'm capable of achieving goals, and at pushing through, and at doing hard things. And that I do have successes, no matter how small. And that happiness is ready and available to me if I only make the time for it. And that people are there, and kind, and important. 2014 seemed to be a rough one for the world, and I want to be able to make it better someday (cheese ball). Even if that just means taking care of myself first. I get caught up in wondering what I will contribute and yadda yadda yadda. I'm just gonna start simple. Way simple. Here and now.

To 2015! And an early bed time! And steaming hot baths! And listening to better music! And waking up for 8 am church! And experiences instead of things! And let's throw some strength training in here! What about making time for my favorite people? Learning how to 


 shoot film? And cooking? Kind of? Maybe? And clearer skin! And budgeting! And opening my ears! And my eyes! And finishing Gilmore Girls! Goals: the real sign of adulthood.

Especially if Gilmore Girls is involved.  

(Watercolor type