Ladies Leave Yo Man at Home


I'm in what they call the "traditional" track here in illustration program. The other route is "concept", for those hoping to work more along the lines of animation / video games. That said, I'm taking a character design class this semester which has pushed me to the other side for a bit. It's something


out of my league. And what do you know, its started to become my favorite!

Typically I rush through our little sketchbook assignments, but I had a bit of extra time today to rough some color over these guys. Aka instantly de-crapifying the doodle. Our characters this time were lunch ladies and janitors. And yes, there are the grizzly and mean lunch ladies, but what about the sweet old ones? Right? I always remember my school's janitors being such cool dudes too... All of this to say, I want to be more willing to show things here other than a long, long, long post of sub-par photos.

Now I want a lunchable and a round of kickball.




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