Back to School

My back to school rite of passage must be a little trip up, and/or down, the stairs... The kind of trip where it's more considered a misstep. Not catastrophic by any means, but noticeable enough when you catch your footing that the people close enough can hear that irregular rhythm you have now caused. It's like an inaugural knock to the senses. Like hey, hey now are you ready? You gotta be ready, because school is here. And it's going to be serious business. So yes, that little trip has already happened today. And yes, we're back!

I'm already in love with my newly found major, may I say that? My Spring class done set that tone. Literally every single class of mine is the HFAC (the visual arts building on campus).

 Every. Single. Class

. So those late night vending machine runs and charcoal covered hands are most definitely in my future. I'm gearing up to really push myself this semester. I mean, I have goals you guys, dreams! That's new! AND all my roomies are back and better than ever, (Coby too!) so the Criminal Minds and Friends reruns will be in our lives again full force. Hurrah!

So with a Labor Day swim we said sayonara to summer. And with tonight's poor-student-Olive-Garden-dinner scheduled to celebrate (not to mourn, not to mourn), I have officially tripped back into school.

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