Hawaii & Sports Camps?


These just feel sooo smooth. Right? I really miss Hawaii. I'm probably so obnoxious saying that.

BUT! Here's a

cool song

to make up for it! And

another one


On a completely unrelated note, this is the

last week

of BYU Sports Camps for the summer. While I haven't been a counselor since the year before last,


 currently is and

her posts

pretty much sum up all the emotions and awesomeness that comes from it. Truly, sports camps have brought me the best things. How to look out for people, how to like never sleep, how to dance like a crazy person. And this last year working on the administration side of it has brought me the best friendships. Seriously, it's changed me. So it's a little sad to have it all be ending. The insane Mondays, and angry phone calls, and coaches who never remember my name even though HELLO I've emailed you a million and one times


been here at your camp the last four days in a row.... And I can't forget the unlimited meal card I've had all summer.

I'll probably miss that the most.

p.s. I changed my url, my name finally opened up!

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