Ducks and Stars


lauren nassef


I'm back! And here to put all of my blogging ducks in a row.

If only I could treat this like a Yelp review. Not that I've ever written one before. But it does have a certain appeal. I mean, don't you wish you could Yelp review your life on the reg? You could be as ruthless or as overly generous as you'd like without (much) backlash. Your experience is what it is: if you are happy, you are like in heaven happy. And if you are mad, you have every right to be mad as hell. And ready to take down whatever establishment allowed such angering within you. Hopefully I can steer away from those two extremes. But man, Yelp reviews am I right? In keeping with that theme, let me first begin this catch-up with the detached and relatively short, list-like review. Ratings to follow.

School ended. School started. Part time ended. Full time started. Sick for like, a month.

Coby left for an internship. New nephew. Still haven't cleaned my room.

And now for the hyper detailed and overly invested review!

Let's start with the sick stuff. Here ye here ye, being sick is the worst. What started off as a little cold turned into full blown ear infections, full four stage migraines, and a rather unnecessary but completely not fun ER visit. I felt exhausted, chubby, anxious, useless and just done. I was constantly rubbing my head and leaving it in my hands for the majority of the day. Don't mind that I texted my mother on

Mothers Day

of all days

, begging her for guidance before just driving myself to instacare. I recognized the error of my ways, but still. What kind of daughter does that? Thankfully she, and everyone else, were so good to me. Even if it was just letting me watch Gossip Girl all night (roomies!) or forcing me to go to the ER via my mother's wishes (Coby!). I would show you the picture I took of my half smiling face when the migraine induced paralysis hit, but then I would die of embarrassment. Just know that a slurred speech causing British accent was also involved. Thus, I give the sick stage a whopping two stars. One star for the amazing support I was given. And the other for Blair Waldorf's second season hair. Well, five stars for Blair's second season hair. No stars for spending one night crying because I had to miss the Haim concert. And while I still have yet to finish cleaning my room after all of this sickness, I did finally put the sheets on my bed. So, another star for effort.

I've been back in the Sports Camps scene since January now, but things are


picking up with the summer now in full swing. The days can be crazy, leaving me feeling either exhausted or energized and ready to crash a dance or two. While I don't get to participate in the fun stuff anymore, I did take a trip back to the hospital with a hurt camper yesterday. And I gotta say, it was a good feeling when the staff remembered me. Especially considering how much time I spent there last summer. I also had a "moment" at the Cannon Center. Aka the buffet style cafeteria that I've been gorging myself at everyday. I was standing at the salad bar, patiently waiting my turn to make myself a salad that I 


I will only have three bites of... And I just had this moment. Where I loved that salad bar. And everything it meant to me. It was my place! My moment! I feel like every time I see someone I only kind of know they ask If I'm doing "the Sports Camps thing". And I weirdly answer "yes!..." while feeling uneasy about their idea of this "gig" versus mine. But then, you guys, the salad bar moment! And this is where the whole Yelp concept makes this less weird... Anyway, the point here is that Sports Camps is great and supplies me with the greatest co-worker friends, a daily Rice Krispie, and the promise of pebbled ice. Oh, and some money. Four stars for Sports Camps! The fifth star has been withheld, due to the discovery that I am


a morning person. But working on it.

Speaking of food, Smashburger is underrated. Don't you think so? So are hot cars. I've never been more okay with not blasting the air conditioning than I have this summer. For now, at least.

And speaking of summer, Coby is gone for the rest of it. And while it has actually been totally fine, it would be a lot finer if Face Time worked for us. Before he left, he sang some Miley as the sun was slightly setting for a good seven or so minutes. That should hold me over for the rest of the summer, right? Also, before Coby left, he had a birthday and I had an anxiety attack. Which my mother has 75% convinced me is just a side affect of all of that time under the weather. I really hope so, because it would be nice to feel confident in social situations again. Especially after my embarrassing moment at the pulpit for Fast and Testimony meeting in church the other week. Said moment being, well, me talking. And just being up there entirely. Let's leave it at that. No stars, sorry.

And last but not least, I have a new baby nephew! Baby Blaine. My sister flew me out to Portland for the weekend to meet him and take some pictures and boy (ha!) am I so glad she did. He is the squishiest, tiniest, cutest little dude and I love him so. It also gave the the opportunity to cave and read Divergent on the plane. That said, now I'm comparing everything in my life to factions and personality traits and I CAN'T STOP. All the stars for my little baby love Blaine!

And now, for the Yelpified Blog Post Star Round up...

Coby gone - 1 Star. ER visit - 1 Star. Sick - 2 Stars. Work - 4 Stars. Baby Blaine - 5 Stars!

Blair's second season hair - 5 Stars! Cannon Center Rice Krispies - 5 DELICIOUS STARS.

This Blog Post - hopefully