Baby Blaine


Blaine was born on June 2nd at 9.4 pounds and 21 inches. And he is the cutest little dude I have ever met.

My sister was so gracious as to fly me out to Portland for the weekend to meet him! Annddd to take about a million and one pictures. No but truly, these are only a drop in the bucket as far as pictures go. No shame.

Also, I thought it was only appropriate to throw in a yawning picture. Not of Blaine, but of Lauren. Because first of all, who looks that good when they yawn? Second, who looks that good when they just had a baby


days ago


when they yawn? After 34 hours of labor?! 30 of which were without the drugs? And finally, because Lauren and her husband Brandon


stayed up until two in the a to the m watching movies (and or Property Brothers) when I was too tired and just went on back to bed. So in reality they are party animal parents, of the responsible sort. Cue "I'm a cool mom!".

But oh baby Blaine, I love him. And his precious little hiccups and his good, never crying nature and his big ole' cheeks and his happy little puppy dog noises and the forced love of basketball he's already acquired and his token "Fielding Frown". We all have it, and it's the best welcome to the family I could think of.

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