Spring and Selfiez


Spring. Selfies. Big deals. Feels.

That's what I wrote down in prep for this post, and by golly that just sums it up perfectly. So let's get to it! Just when I thought winter couldn't drag on for any longer, Spring sprung and everything was right in the world again. The blossoms have brought color and happiness, the trees are now full and fresh... Bada bing bada boom, changes were inspired and I can truly say I've never felt more refreshed. Utah sure is beautiful.

First. I dyed my hair and I have a selfie progression to prove it. It might not look like much, but I never do anything with my hair. Like ever. The last time I even had a trim wasn't last Christmas but the Christmas


. My poor hairdresser was trying so hard not to let on as to how bad my ends were, and finally just told me the horribleness of it all. She was so nice and I now think of her as one of my new best friends in a weird "you saved my hair and thus my soul" kind of way. But you guys there is blonde stuff in it! A lot blonder than these pictures are letting on. And for the most part it's been wonderful. I have been going back and forth between loving it and hating it while mourning the loss of my long, dark, beautiful yet horribly ended hair. But that's only natural, right? I did feel pretty and sassy and special while Coby so graciously took these pictures so that's gotta be worth something. As a side note, I've had that shirt since 8th grade. Prooobbably time for it to go.

Second. I wasn't planning on saying anything here,


this is a blog isn't it? And life plans are kind of the hip thing to talk about on blogs, aren't they? So here it goes. I petitioned to transfer to the Illustration program here at BYU


I got in! I am so relieved and excited and holy cow am I ever ready to start this new direction as an illustrator. I've learned so much from graphic design, the program here really does produce the best designers. So while I am sad I won't be one of them, I've known for a while now that it just wasn't what I loved. Typography and Youtube tutorials aren't really my cheese. And through the huge frustration that this last year has brought I've realized that I'm happiest when I'm drawing. And


drawing. When I'm physically laboring with a pen and pencil to solve the visual problems that the communicative arts are all about. So yes, I'm nervous and yes I'm excited and yes I am just



Third. I forced myself to invest in a new aux cable for my car this week and hallelujah sweet sweet Lana Del Rey is back on repeat and back in my life without having to awkwardly hold the cable in the most frustratingly, specific way possible to have only music playing out of the right back speaker in the car. End scene.

This post is a lot of mumble jumble.

But Spring is all sorts of magical for me this year.