Guacamole and Emoji Dolphins




Right now in my English Literature class we are reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I've loved the discussion and thinking that class has allowed, and todays lecture was no different. I get caught up a lot in who I am versus who I think I should be. My image, my online image, my school work, my future work, my personality, how I interact with others, etcetera etcetera and it's interesting how I can be brimming with ideas or goals one minute and completely helpless the next. Learning how we as a society have progressed over time with our how we view the soul and inherent goodness and whatever else is so interesting. And hopeful. We will always struggle with the two sides of anything and everything, that's nothing new. But the potential power of control is very comforting. These are things I thought I already knew, but to have it laid out a little more clearly through the lens of Dr. Jekyll (or is it Mr. Hyde?) today helped me to understand. I came across this quote from Emile Hirsch a while back and thought it was fitting of this discussion and of me, "I think I've always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the day." Allowing those days of in and out and up and down is so vital, and a total "duh" moment. Alas, that is my Tuesday thought for you all!

On a completely unrelated note, Provo is covered in fog right now and I love it. I've also learned that guacamole is my favorite food (topping? dip? spread?) ever. Always extra please and thank you. 

What else? The other night Coby and I watched

The Motivation

, it's on Netflix if you want to see. It's about the top eight skateboarders in the world and their preparation for, and participation in, the Street League Championship in New York. They are incredible. People are incredible. I love my vans and skinny jeans like the next girl, but I am no means a sk8r chick and am only now wishing I were one. Coby and I watched the movie the night after he got home from a weekend in Vegas. Now we have spent our fair share of time apart (family trips, holidays, etcetera), but ever since Coby got an internship in New York for the summer (yeehaw! yay! hallelujah! go get 'em!) any time apart feels so dramatic. Well, I am so dramatic. I think he was gone for one, maybe two, days and I went into panic mode. With just the little things, like how many episodes of Newroom will he watch without me? And who will make me cookies and smoothies when he's gone because he's more domestic than I am? And who will hold my head and play with my hair while telling me that everything will work out like every other day? And who will text me reply emoji dolphins at night? Because I know with the time difference they'd come in the middle of the day and I am going to be needing them at night sooo... Drama. I was deeply missing him and it's a little discouraging knowing how distraught I was for literally no time at all when he will be across the country for the majority of the summer. In actuality I quite like being alone. I mean I love it. I need it. And I am more than excited for him. I just need to breathe a little bit. And remember that there are people out there that have to endure so much more for so much longer.

And to end all of this mushy mumble jumble, coolness in a video.