Lil' Tidbits




+ The weather here is wonderful! Put me in a jean jacket and I'm happy.

+ I eat fruit snacks every day at work. This is also a happy thing that needs to be noted.

+ Lately I've been feeling so unmotivated. I crawl into bed the second I get home.

+ I exact-o knifed my finger last week and made a horribly-timed not very good joke about it in my design class. Like, a full minute past it's well-timed window.

+ Speaking of design. UGH! It's like I love it, but I'm not good at it. I have this block where I physically can not do it. And that's okay. Actually it's not okay, I'm just telling myself that it is. Which isn't very good.

+ I took engagements for a couple! It went so well! I did start off a little shaky, and there are a lot of things I would've done differently, but I am proud of myself. So just go right ahead and add me on to that everyone is a mommy-blogger-photographer list please and thank you. I will wear that badge with pride.

+ I skied with my dad the other week. It was freezing but so much fun. Towards the end of the day I took one mad tumble (tired legs, weird snow, caught an edge, my dad loves the double black diamond moguls and that kind of sucks for me, etcetera). Anyway I hit my head pretty weirdly and for the next four or five days I couldn't properly lift my neck. I felt like gumby.

+ I've been wanting to redesign this site for the last, oh ya know, year. It's such an eye sore. So then I say I'll post when it's done, then I never do, yadda yadda yadda. So here I am, posting anyway. So just be patient with me guys. And I will be patient with myself too.

+ I'm off to California for my new little niece Dolly's blessing! I miss my nieces so much. Hopefully I'll come back a little more refreshed. And with a little more motivation to get things done. Heaven knows I need it, ain't that the truth.

So all of this to say, hello and goodbye!