Little Christmas

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 Like I said, really into dress up...

Most of my family got together after Christmas to celebrate, hooray! I'm the youngest in my family, so to have everyone together and finally get some little people to play with and dote on rules. It has been so fun to watch Mckenely and Brielle understand Christmas this year. They love Santa.

Brielle is very delicate and sensitive, but super passionate at the same time. She will close her eyes to fully get into song and dance as she sways and twirls and sashays around. It's hilarious. Apparently she is just so in tune with whatever musical or spiritual freeing element is there. Her safety blanket is her hair, twirling it with her fingers incessantly. Her voice is soft and high. And she is just the sweetest. Mckenley is pure spunk. She'll do anything for the laugh, and will laugh back to you like crazy. She is concerned with what everyone else is doing, and makes sure everyone is included or together in the same room. She has the most articulate voice for a not-quite-three-year-old. And Grandpa is her absolute favorite, no contest.

Together they are so cute! And

straight up funny

. One will hop on the piano while the other stands by the fireplace and sings. They get their aunts and uncles to do tricks for them over and over again. They color together (Brielle leads this one) and chase each other (Mckenely always instigates this one) and holy cow are they ever into dress up. Like, it's out of control. As I speak Mckenely has about twelve bracelets on her arm  and three ribbons in her hair.

Love Christmas. Love them. So much love.

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