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Last night we headed downtown to see the Mesa Temple

Christmas lights

before the new year hit. They are the best. Hands down. Miss Mckenley wore her raccoon hat and Brielle clutched Grandma B's finger as we walked around the grounds. So funny to see everyone bundled up in their puffy coats and beanies when I only had a thin sweater on. Ridiculous, seeing as though I just came from two or so extremely cold weeks in Utah. But soon enough my hands were freezing, freezing people! The Arizona cold sure does sneak up on you. The little girls stuck to running around the lawn out front, well running and rolling. Brielle really took to the "rolling" part. Down the hill, still rolling, and rolling, and rolling over in the middle of nowhere.

My sister Lauren and her husband Brandon have been in Hawaii and Oregon for the last while, so it's fun to have them around and back to the temple they were married in last year. My little weirdos, so lovey dovey. At home my siblings and I drank hot chocolate and sat around the table talking about sharks and relationships and bungee jumping and it sure is funny... This transition from baby sister to adult-sister-friendships-thingy-majigs. She and Him and Sufjan and Beach House played in the background and it was a weird sort of dreamy moment.

Whew I love my family. But I can't wait to get back to Utah and see Coby. Facetime is awesome yes, but I'm sure sick of it now. Ready to enjoy Utah and the new year and not have to think about school while I still can!

Oi vey.

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