It's been a while.

And despite having had some of the more crazier weeks of my life, I am alive. For starters, my computer is not alive. But ya know, I haven't cried once so I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I've spent long nights in the library and even longer nights with Coby's oh-so-generously-borrowed laptop. I've written a (with all parts included) FORTY TWO page paper thing. Given a presentation. Taken tests. Stayed on top of my design and illustration work. And gotten my bum kicked in spin class over and over again. Somehow I've managed to keep showering, but I finally figured out they've become stress showers more than anything. I am still eating pizza and licorice for breakfast though, you win some you lose some (what am I saying, win some). 

As for the absence of blogging in my life, I've definitely felt it. I never knew how much of a creative outlet/mental release it provided for me. I miss reading them (yours) more than anything. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love blog land. And I hate not being a part of it, even as a little baby blogger. So here I am, blogging in the library. Ouch.

All of this to say: hello, I miss you, life is crazy. 

+ reading Zelda, so intriguing
+ witnessed a seven year old do 234 cartwheels
+ seen some super movies with mah boo thang
+ can hardly wait for Thanksgiving in the AZ
+ and softball with Lauren in the AZ
+ annnnd Eric Carle made art this Halloween,
he's like 80 something or other and he blogs,
needless to say I love him.