Lake Lake Lake

The lake was easily the highlight of our trip to Arizona.
I totally get it now. I get lake culture. And I want everything to do with it.

Until this year, I hadn't been to a lake since I were seven or so. That trip was to Lake Powell, and I spent half of the time inside the boat watching Sabrina because I was too sea sick to do much else. I faintly remember a zip-line and slide, but other than that... I guess I just missed the boat (ha!) as the youngest. The "original" family shared a boat, jet skis, etcetera etcetera. My cousins are still avid lake goers, as are the families of my brother in law and sister in law -- so while the opportunities were there, for whatever reason I never accepted them. When Coby's friends had their Lake Powell trip earlier this summer I was nervvvouuss. I don't know the first thing about water sports! What if that motion sickness came back! But I left those couple days having had the best time of my life. One morning some of the guys took me out and taught me how to wake surf (anxiety intact/clumsiness ready to go). We paddle boarded, swam the day away, went cliff jumping, and just lived the life! Ahhhh.

All of this said, when my brother in law Steve suggested we take his boat out I was all over it. We watched the first session of conference then headed off to Canyon Lake. It was beautiful. The water was cold but the sun was hot. Despite the bigger board I was able to get up for a little bit. And PEOPLE I even wakeboarded on my first try! I got up and then proceeded to accidentally jump over the wake! Don't worry, I was screaming my entire air time. Coby, of course, can pick up right where he left off at anything and everything (aka surfing up a storm). Steve is a total lake stud and Breck shreddsss (am I lake savvy yet?). And cute little Mckenley! Cute little Mckenley was our boat babe. I took way too many pictures of her so I'm not sure how only one made it on this post.

And guess what was happening in Provo while we were gone? Snow. Yikes. I felt bad, the entire time we were in Arizona I was complaining at how dead the summer had left it. No green grass, no orange blossoms, not even the brighter of Arizona's blue skies. But the second we started driving away I took it all back. I love the canyons! The desert! The huge sky! And the sunsets! More importantly the Mexican food, but ya know.

Above all else (yes, even the tacos) the best part was sharing Arizona with Coby. More fun for me than him I'm sure. I made him sit in my room as I showed him far too many baby pictures of myself, even some awkward home videos. He had to watch the beloved BYU football game with my dad (what if they disagree! what if he doesn't know enough! what if he knows too much!). And he had to walk down my scary driveway in the dark, with my brother in law, with a probable murderer on the premises, coyotes too, in order to talk to the cops responsible for continually spotlighting my home.

Yep, I miss it already. Thanksgiving can't come soon enough.