This is Long

Life is good.

Tonight I'm sitting in a big ol' bed in Park City. I picked my parents up from the airport earlier, and now I'm here. From Provo to said airport it took me 38 minutes. Don't tell my dad.

I now live with some of my favorite people, remember them? We have cable in our apartment (!) so a lot of time is spent watching Friends re-runs and Criminal Minds. There's also some weird sci-fi crap that Erika loves, but I tend to leave around then... I've found that the ten minutes before we're off to our respective rooms for sleeping is our optimum bonding time. Last night it was a full blown Beyonce dance session. I recommend all to try this: choose a video (love on top is prime, single ladies is killer) and TRY TO KEEP UP. How does she do it? We knew it got real when our hair was up and our layers started flying. We only failed miserably as more sweat and time went on. Another night it was Kyle videos galore (ask us to speak normally, we no longer know how). And another was scratching on doors like cats. Or rather, Erika scratching on all of our doors like a cat. Our apartment is still pretty bare as far as decor goes, but there is a bamboo plant in our kitchen and that makes me pretty happy.

School is going really well for me this time around. I think it may just be the best semester yet. So far I've learned it takes me at least five times as long to complete an assignment than deemed normal. That means there have been way too many late homework nights. For instance, an English project was outlined to take four hours total. It took me twelve. Twelve. Thank goodness that professor of mine is a great story teller who has mastered the art of both the sweet and awkward personality. My absolute favorite class though would have to be Illustration. I feel like I am, and can be good at it. And it's always nice to feel good about your abilities. It seems to be a happy medium between studio arts and graphic design. Maybe that's an unfair description, but it's one that brings me a lot of peace. My professor is so smiley. I can picture him as the little kid with out of control, curly hair who spent his time at recess sitting in the random patch of clovers drawing. I've learned a lot from him. I've also learned a lot from making the decision to immerse myself in the design world. Don't believe me? Check out my pin board. Efforts! I'm making them! This is big for me, considering how last semester was not the best experience I've ever had. Feeling unsuccessful isn't fun. But a clean slate and new enthusiasm is key, and hopefully one day I'll figure out what I'm doing. The best part of school though has to be the after school snack. Okay, meal (poor). Baked pretzels, string cheese, trail mix, or an apple please and thank you.

Are you wondering how my church talk went a while back? Well, let me tell you. I cried too many tears, made little to no sense -- and worst of all -- took up too much time. That little fact deprived my audience from listening to the beautiful, rugby playing, New Zealand hailing man speak... So I wouldn't be too surprised if every girl in my ward hates me now. My parents surprised me and came, which is what started the tears, and I got to watch them sit next to my boyfriend and roommates. All of my favorite people together. It was a sweet moment for me. There was also a very attentive person in the third row. He made me feel like what I was saying was important. So thank you, attentive person in the third row.

Now about another person who makes me feel important. How is it that I can spend at least half of every single day with Coby and not get sick of him? The other day we were walking across campus and he stopped to take a picture of us, just because. It was slightly raining, I had no makeup on (and the bags under my eyes to prove it), and he wanted to take a picture just because. Isn't that what dreams are made of? It doesn't hurt that we have awesome cuddle sessions on the reg and that he is trying to like Community for me. He also feeds me a lot, so there's that. Dearest fellow bloggers and stalkers, I think I won the lottery.

Other notable moments: stuffing my face with nicoitalia pizza, Comedy Sportz with the Erins/Aarons, and Provo becoming cold. Like I said, life is good. God is good.

+ I'm ready for a blog revamp.
I know I know, I hate my blog too.
+ I'm listening to this: Drake, Ray,
Alt-J (still!), Avicii, and Lana.