Haley & Konner

I'm so grateful I was able to ride out the Tingey-girl-roomie-ship with Haley. She taught me so much in those last few months that we were together. She was working, taking classes, completing her practicum, and preparing to teach her first year of school (the Monday after she got back from her honeymoon mind you!) all while planning her wedding and keeping up a happy engagement with Konner. YEAH, wonder woman! Knowing Haley, I wasn't surprised that all of her hard work paid off. Her day was just so happy! The morning at the temple was hot, but she and Konner were all smiles regardless. The luncheon was sweet and meaningful. And of course, the backyard reception was a dream. We were able to facetime with our missing Tingey girl Shayn in China (technology!) and see our freshman year FHE brothers who are all home from their missions. Oh happy day. And now almost all of my freshmen friends are married.


 {also, don't mind my total clashing outfit,
just misinterperted a text, oops!}
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