Go Cougars

I'm forcing myself to blog.

Right now I'm watching the BYU versus Texas game with my Dad, thankfully away from the apocalyptic-like rain in Provo but rather in the safety of this cozy Park City home. And while, yes, I am  completely and totally focused on this game... I also have a lot to get done. Thus, blogging became the answer to kicking off my productivity... Also I may or may not be putting off the act of writing a talk for church tomorrow but that's neither here nor there, right? (haha ha ohhh she nervously laughs...)

Bye bye summer. But oh wasn't it so nice? I spent some time at the end there in Park City with my parents. Whilst hiking on the trails in my backyard I would go further and further until I was reaching trees where the leaves were finally beginning to show their reds and oranges. To say I was excited is a little bit of an understatement. I'm Team Fall, all the way. I've already seen visions of drives up the canyon, apple cider (let's all drink apple cider okay?), walking on campus in the brisk briskness, wearing big scarves and big sweaters, watching Hocus Pocus, baking too many part pumpkin part spice treats, etcetera etcetera etcetera. Basically a typical bloggers dream.

In other news, I changed a tire. Well, with Coby's direction I changed a tire. Which while we are on the subject, he continues to be the best person in this world. But it was a monumental moment for me, all about self-empowerment and yadda yadda yadda so yes it rocked. I also moved myself/mycrap into my new apartment! Hello to clean white walls and open space and the best sunlight that streams right on into my window. I've lived in pretty crummy (but totally livable) places during my time in Happy Valley so this is an even added happiness.

As far as summer goals go, I didn't meet my booklist goal but I did finish August with an all-nighter book binge reading Grace Coddington's book. I loved it, I loved it! Please, read it. It instilled a style revolution in me. And now for a new goal! Become a runner again. I'd like to train for a race of some sort, maybe the Halloween Half marathon? Bailey? Rachel? Riley? Join me?

But do you really want to keep reading a list of happenings? What if I told you that I found myself crying in the restroom on only the second day back to school? I am trying to "let the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me rather than scare me". But sometimes I just feel so far from where I need to be in my education. And it's discouraging, really discouraging. But as the girl in the restroom told me (upon seeing red eyes and hearing sniffles and such) "hang in there girly"-- an angel from heaven I tell ya. So right now that "meh" up there equals "stuck". Happy, healthy and humble. But craving progress. In many aspects of my life.

And scene.

+ my new favorite song, On An On put on (ha!) the best show
+ watch this poetry slam and be inspired
+this is art, and i am so doing the same with my children 
+a video we should all watch on phone usage
+ inspiration for my talk on humility , we all have our stories
+another song to send you on your way
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