P City to Portlandia

Hello blog land, how are you?

I was able to celebrate Father's Day with my parents in Park City. We went on the most amazing hike (per usual) up the mountain that was just covered in these beautiful white and purple flower bushes. Covered. It really was a fairy land. My mom is like a mountain goat and can practically run up that thing while my dad and I trail behind. Me takin' pixs and dad hiding in bushes and such. It's always the best of times - hiking with them. We followed that up with a kick ajax dinner of steak and baked potatoes and salad and watermelon and strawberry lemonade and holy cow if I don't love those summer mountain dinners I don't know what love is. Speaking of love, if there's one thing I appreciate about my dad, it's his ability to grill a steak. Bison burgers included. He is the absolute best and I love him more than he could know. He is always sensitive to me and whips out the best "dad jokes" like it ain't no thang.

Sports camps have been filled with late nights and new friends and blood coming out of girls' eyes (!). It's also made my snapchat feed that much more entertaining so that's always a plus. A definite highlight of the week was entertaining an auditorium of nine to thirteen year olds with jokes and talents and too much Taylor Swift and finally THE game six where I have never seen so many children out of control. My ear drums were on the brink of explosion. And I'm sure, if a parent were to have walked into that room, who knows what would've happened to BYU sports camps good name.

Dearest Erin visited for the weekend. I didn't see her much due to some newfound summer lovin', but it's nice to remember that your friends still care about you. And even if you aren't seven year olds sharing crayons in primary on her first Sunday in Arizona, you can share a room and some pillow talk on her first real night in Provo. ET phone home. 

Other festivities included a hot-pink-and-polka-dotted-wedding and a moonlight-super-moon-lift-ride up at Sundance. And people, that lift ride was amazing! Amazing! Once Tristan tucked her extra blanket around my frozen feet I was one happy rider. Couple that with Coby's hard core fear of heights (so sad but so cute), horrible story telling, J-Rob's big ole laughs and a twenty minute conversation about pizza and that may very well be the best night of my life. But the view! Oh the view. The moon really was super, it was so bright you could see forever. I loved that. 

I've also been a collector of books! My birthday gift to myself was Mindy Kalings' book, finally. Say yeee-ahhh! As a blogger*, I've tried to stray more and more away from the serious posts (aka long and painful and angsty and over-sharing but beautiful in a weird "I'm a sad, white and privileged girl" way) and leaned toward frivolous, pop-culture laced posts instead. The only downside to this is, well, celebrities are kind of the worst and my life really isn't all that comical. OH and that I read off like a complete and utter dummy at times. This is where Mindy comes in handy. I'm not quite sure how... But she's smart and loves BeyoncĂ©. I idolize her and her book was no different. I swear I am educated you guys. Or at least trying to be. My mom gifted me with a book on happiness, that's up next. And then Coby bought me The Fault in Our Stars for my birthday! (Rach, you're number one on my waiting list). So ya know, you could say I'm crossing off my book list. Do note the blaring absence of classical lit, I'll get there. 

As of right now I'm sitting in a bed in the most beautiful, recently remodeled Arts and Crafts home in Portland. There are fresh hydrangeas in my room. Fresh you guys! Coby and I decided to take a trip for my birthday (okay okay, it's tomorrow you caught me) and I don't know what says happy birthday more than FRESH HYDRANGEAS IN MY ROOM. After eleven hours of driving (ahem sleeping) we arrived to Thai food and fairy houses with sweet four year old Emma. A puppy named Lucca, homemade chocolate ice cream, and of course soccer playing with Jake. People can be so nice.

So that's the latest from me. I'm excited for this week and appreciative of everyone around me. And I can't wait to test out my new birthday lenses from mom and pops! Happy happy!

P.S. yes I do love Portlandia, yes I want suggestions of things to do (Seattle too!)
*As a blogger? Did I really just write that?