Dearest Coby's birthday is today! Hurrah! We've been sorta celebrating all week, with random outbursts of "happy birthday" singings and such.  On Wednesday we were supposed to see Postal Service with Coby's incredibly generous brother & sis-in-law, but because they rescheduled (severe cryings) we went out to dinner and saw FAST & SO FURIOUS SIX YO. Guys. I love the FFs, Fast Five was SO good. Like, one of the best movie-going experiences of my life (this is Brasil!).  On Thursday we celebrated some more with turkey burgers on the side of a mountain, and we mayyy or may not have watched the original Fast and Furious for good measure. So good. Last night was another family party in the most beautiful backyard I've ever partied in. And today will be wonderful too!

So more about Coby!
He rocks! Like really rocks. More than the Rock rocks.
Did you know that he has a blog? Because he most definitely does, the best poet that one.
In all seriousness though, Coby has made my life so much better. He deserves the best birthday! He is happy, kind, gracious, so willing, and a surprisingly good rapper. And he loves chocolate, so that's a plus.

cake cake cake cake cake cake.