Spring A Ling

Spring is here! Spring is here! And boy is it beautiful. I've been running around rock canyon with chalk-handed men who clap for me, old ladies who walk with me, and doggies who run alongside me. Aka my little hiking escapades have been the best. Spring also means the hot tub! Soccer games! Sand volleyball! Tingey dinners! New classes! St. George picnics! Vegas (more on that next)! And a future trip to Disneyland!

Do you know what else Spring brings? Spring TUNES YO! Want to hear mine? You do, especially because TLC is involved. And if I'm left dancing on my bed then thats gotta mean something. Here ya go: one / two / three / four / five (thanks kaylie!)

But guys, can I take a moment to talk about the cycling class I'm taking? Yes, yes it is rad and I left today drenched in my own power of positive thinking sweat and sense of accomplishment. But other than my bruised butt all I could think about was this little Schmidt gem. If only, right?

Last thingI'm needing books to read this summer. I think I'm going to start with The Fault in Our Stars and then reread the Great Gatsby before I see Leo. Suggestions?

Whew. Spring. I love it.