Beyonce Pad Thai

Last weekend was my cousin Sami's mission farewell, so it was the perfect opportunity for family time and a little post Park City hike-em-ups.  It's always nice to be around extended family.  And even though I don't see them much, it's so easy to just sink in and be comfortable.  Especially when the family room lounging and story time comes along.  I do wish I were better friends with my cousins though.  They lead the coolest lives.  But with too many years away from family for too long, it's probably time to make up for lost time and start rebuilding those friendships.  I'll work on it.

A bunch of eaten strawberries later and we made it to Park City with my oh so generous parents.  We spoke of Michael Jordan and bear encounters and ate PB&J.  And that mountain air!  Oh that mountain air.  Mmm.


These last couple of weeks I've been living the good life.  Complete with sleeping in on the reg, making some books (you heard me), and listening to Journey far too many times as I spin my legs silly.  I've been making it a point to take it slow before the long (but such fun!) days and weeks of a summer counselor takes over.  Tell me, why does doing so little feel so good?  Case in point: Panda Express at 10:14 at night.  So good.  Especially when your boyfriend is like "girl, lemme bring you food" and i'm like "boy, i'm not hungry."  But who isn't hungry when that msg laced goodness of chicken and noodles and broccoli and fried rice is in your face?  Ya know?  That and the cram session of The Office that ensues.  We're saving the finale for later though...  Erin is more and more my all time favorite, but do Kelly and Ryan come back for the wedding?  Because we all know I need more Mindy Kahling in my television life?!  If I had a spirit Kardashian, she would be it...  Think about it.

p.s. is fried rice made from brown rice or white rice I wonder?