On Van Gogh, Bambi, and Puppy Love

I was going to write about my Art History class yesterday.  How when I walked in a little late I accidentally slammed the door, cueing all heads to turn to me.  And there is nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than people straight up staring at me so I hurriedly sat in the closest seat I could.  But wouldn't you know it, I found myself sitting next to the poor girl who smells again.  There was also the frustration of seeing all of Van Gogh in green, due to a dead bulb in the projector.  And then my pen exploded.  So there's that story.

Then I met the nicest lady from Florida!  I was out taking pictures for my typography class (which while we're on the subject, do you know how hard it is to find a "6" in nature?  I even found a two, a two people!  But a six?).  Anyway, we shared our love of the mountains and all things green and the pretty lighting of right then and on and on and she was just so cheery and kind and it made me want to be cheery and kind!  I met a deer as well, a spray painted one.  And that made me want to watch Bambi.  So there's that story too.

But there is this boy that I am sooo into and all I really wanna do is write mushy stuff about him but that's kind of a no-no in blog land, right?  "And [I'm] not really a puppy love person", so this side is all so very new for me.  At least it's never been like this.  Like how he inspires me to be better, and lifts me up where I am weak, and is everything I never thought I needed and is this making you feel awkward yet?  How about the fact that I could have sat and read that essay about the Heart of Darkness over his shoulder (but really against it) all night if it weren't for my own homework?  Because if I would rather read about the Heart of Darkness than do anything else well golly gee.

"i'll follow you into the park, through the jungle, through the dark" -this version, is prime