L8r Provolone

I just got into Arizona tonight am so excited for what the weekend brings!

i'll be out of a dirty Provo apartment
running, jogging, barely surviving on the canal
making cheesecake (contradictory, i know)
dying eggs with the little girls
seeing almost all of my siblings!
running around town with my momma
smelling the spring orange blossoms day in and day out
taking a break from/catching up in school (how does that work?)
looking forward to Easter Sunday
and contemplating the Saviour and his atonement

Anyway.  Arizona is awesome!  I love it more and more.  But only in small dosages I think...

Hoppy Easter! (haha, ha, ha, ha...)

p.s. this post is also to partly apologize for the journaling dump from the other day.
it happens to the best of us, right?