Say My Shayn Say My Shayn

After a couple snowy weeks here in Utah, the sun finally decided to come out! Thus, so did the camera.  My parents were so generous as to gift me a new one, and while it did okay on it's first spin, it's clear to me that I have a lot of practicing to do.  As for the ever compliant subject: bahlog land, meet my dear friend Shayn - Shayn, bahlong land.  She is my Kea$ha loving, Chinese speaking, hippie hugging girl who will never say no to random dancing in the apartment... attempted krumping and shimmy lessons included.  One day I hope to have the enthusiasm and all around love for life like she.  And maybe her shower singing voice too.  Oh how I miss her sweet serenading freshman year...

Good thing she makes spontaneous Friday morning visits!  My days are so much better as a result.

Friday nights these days are pretty cool too.  I haven't really been keeping up with them here on the blog, not about any nights really.  And that's kind of a bummer, don't you think?  Especially when they just keep getting better and better.  Tonight included homemade pizza (for both dinner & dessert!), kiddos pleading for puppies, and witnessing some song-offs (not to be confused with sing-offs) between brothers.  And it's good to know that in times of trouble, Destiny's Child will never fail me.

Now who's excited for the Beyonce concert on sunday!?