Home For the Holidays

... and it's never felt so good.

I came home to the prettiest Arizona sky I have ever seen, I'm sure of it.  Made my first local hits to Tia Rosas and QT (!).  Teared up over my momma's beautiful Christmas decorations.  And the best part about being home?  Finally seeing my littles!  Brielle and Mckenley have been here playing with the trains, giving me lots of kisses (but never enough), and boy howdy has there been some serious snuggling up in this wazoo.

As for an update on the last little while...
I wrapped up fall semester, loved the snow (that is when it did actually snow), enjoyed life with my fri-ends (too many laugh attacks to count), cuddle scened like never before (i mean what? who, me? what?),  annndddd badampshhh got into the studio arts and graphic design program at BYU!  Hallelujah sing sweet praises of joy!  All of that said, yes, life has been pretty top notch as of late.  Shawty (aka life) is a ten.  I'm so happy.  So grateful.  So blessed.

I feel like I should mention this: walking around with a toddler on my hip really makes the CT shooting that much more devastating now.  You know?  I don't think anything will ever make people feel okay about what happened, but this was something nice to see.  And while I'm at it, what else have I missed?  Happy 12.12.12, happy Doomsday, and a happy New Year.
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