Ideas Worth Spreading

take the time to watch this.  you'll be glad you did.
and just in time for this week of the wellness challenge!

i think i am pretty good about not being too attached to my phone/facebook {we all know fb is dunzo anyway}... but i do love blogs and find myself reaching for my phone when class gets boring to read away...  i think like she said, it is important to be aware of the negative affects if only to keep yourself in check.  and i think it's important to remember that this age of technology is still relatively "new".  and with newness comes bugs that need to be fixed, just like anything else.

so disconnect this week! only check your feeds once a day instead of fifteen {oops, guilty}.

i guarantee you will be happier.

p.s. one of the topics sherry turkle explores is not just the loss of human connection, but loneliness itself.  cyber-usage and loneliness totally perpetrate each other.  something like this, "i'm so bored, all my friends are in class, i sit at the library all day, let me watch a million youtube videos to fill this hole in my heart, i am really all alone, let me check my twitter again"...  ya know?  it's a wretched cycle, isn't it?  in light of that, you should watch/read this poem.  i love it.  (and for the record, i go to movies alone all the time.  and it's amazing.)