Ramses Is At The Par-tay

Lauren's wedding was a success! 

Stand out moments for me:
1.  Playing with the babies in the visitors center for two hours.  I haven't had to watch all three of them at once before then, but it was seriously so much fun wrangling them from here and there.  And in all honesty, I cannot wait until I can do that with my own kiddos day after day.  Seriously, in an ideal world I would have a house full of babies right now.  {Remind me of this in five to ten years when I'm worn  to the core.}
2.  Seeing Lauren so happy once she came out of the temple was so special to me.  It's something I've been wanting for her, so needless to say that was pretty important.
3.  The opportunity to just talk with my momma in car rides back and forth from the venue {and delivering flowers to neighbors afterwards} was so needed for both of us.  Love her.
4.  The entire Fielding side of my family came down for the wedding, so after Lauren & Brandon had left for the night all of us ran back to the dance floor.  My cousin Alex was the DJ for the night and all of the girls are hard core dancers so it got puh-retty crazy for the next two hours.  Although the true highlight for me had to be seeing my aunt trying to sing "call me maybe" to me, and watching my {new} cousin Hillary cat daddy.  The best.

Props to my amazing momma who pulled off an amazing party!