I'm so lucky to be able to spend my summer days with these munchkins.  Hearing their itty bitty voices, giving kisses, playing in the sprinklers-- only the best things on earth.

Right now though I'm back in Park City, then Provo to work sports camps the next two weeks, then back to Arizona for the weirdo's wedding, and then back to Provo again for school.

Shall I bore you some more with the logistics of my bland traveling life?  I used to blog more interesting things... Or rather every little detail of my life circa '09, and probably like last month?!  Too much of this, too little of that.  It's tough finding a balance, ya know?  Blogging's weird like that.

Maybe you care to know that I listened to this on repeat the entire plane ride while the lady next to me picked her nose and rubbed it on her book over and over again?  Maybe not?  I'm just rambling now.  I really need a nap.  I'm terrified that some volleyball camp girl will terrorize me.  I miss school {shocker!}.  God is good.

 Blogging is weird.
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