Just Stopping By To Say...

This has been the best two days of my life. {AND THERE ARE PLENTY MORE TO COME!}
Being a BYU sports camp counselor has got to be the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I love my girls.
I love my fellow counselors.
I love BYU.
and I love sports! {duh!}

I cannot wait to do this summer after summer after summer...
Yep, even after I graduate.
Just keep 'em comin!

I feel like I'm in student council again {SJH student body president whats up!}.
I also may or may not enjoy telling people what to do?  It's a weakness, it really is.

Tonight I danced my life away without a care in the world.  Prancin' through hundreds of sweaty kids and let me tell you my friends, dancing has never felt so good.  Now people, remember all of those stake dances?  All of those junior high dance parties?  EFY maybe?  Let me tell you, being a counselor at a dance is TWENTY TIMES BETTER.  There is no such thing as awkwardness when you are a counselor {yes, even in dancing! wahoo!}.  Everything you do is golden.  I am worshipped here.  A goddess really.  

Okay so maybe not worshipped, but we'll just settle on "loved" instead.

In all seriousness though, these girls here at camp mean the world to me.  It's amazing how quickly relationships can form, and how quickly someone can just invest all of their trust to you.  And to see their fresh little faces light up {it's cliche for a reason} when I give devotionals every night?  The greatest.

Anywho, these last two days have been too special to not write a little something down.

{and in my free time i get to go trail running, three cheers!  i am seriously so addicted that i don't even care how pretentious/ridiculous i sound right now.  pictured above, naturally [hahaha! get it?]}