So Rad, So Mighty

After I hiked the dreaded Y again {with my rudolph socks to endure the pain thank you very much}, Christopher called me helpless, stranded in Orem.  So I picked him up, we decided we needed a best friend date, and headed off to see The Mighty Sequoyah.  En route I spotted Hue & Hum eating dinner!  And IT WAS AWESOME!  And I totally freaked out {sorry Hum}!  Anywho, Shayn joined us by the time Sequoyah went on and all was grand.  Err mighty.

Speaking of music...
Kimbra.  Can do no wrong.
And speaking of Kimbra...
City & Colour.  Can do no wrong.
{Kaylie! Still, I thank you for Kimbra!}
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