On This Side Of The Woods

––I am loving my 2D art class.  Luh-u-ving.  It is seriously just the best ever.  6 hours.  Just playing really.  And my professor is hilarious.  And I'm with this girl too.  Can life get better?  I submit that it cannot!

––My Bailey B's birthday was on Wednesday!  We went up the canyon and had a delicious bonfire to celebrate.  Bonfires really are the greatest thing in this world.  That and Bailey.  And her being born.  And stuff.  Happy birthday Bee!

––It was my grandma's birthday on Wednesday too!  Get this, she got a bouquet of flowers and she sent them back...  She sent flowers back.  Who does that!?  One very humble grandma I tell ya.

––And it was my brother-in-law Steve's birthday on Saturday!  Or sunday?  Sorry Steve, happy birthday!  I pray that the writers of Gossip Girl will choose Chuck for the season finale.  For you {and us all!}.  And Steve graduates from law school this week!  Yeah!

––My new roommate has this very distinct, musty, suffocating smell.  And I promise it's not me, I've checked.  And she has a lot of stuff piled up with that very suffocating smell.  What do I dooooo?

––Provo canyon is mighty beautiful right now.

––C. Jane has been killing it on her side of the woods.  Did I tell you I met her!?  Cause I did!

––Remember how I'm addicted to the bike?  So I'm at the gym {golllddss 4 lyffeee yeaahhh whatt so hard coooreeee [too much?]}.  As I was saying, so I'm at the gym and Thor is playing.  Now I'm not afraid to admit that I can become a little too invested in movies sometimes.  Even whilst exercising.  I cried like a baby when they played Friday Night Lights.  Anyway, there was this one guy who was smiling so big at his hero Thor.  I kid you not, every time I looked back he was just cheesin' it up over there, totally engrossed in his fandom.  So I finish up only to find a dozen or so guys packed in the back of the room just hypnotized by this movie!  It was hilarious {cool story hansel}.

––I was in Park City last weekend with the parentals.  After slaving over homework for a couple of hours I just fell to the floor by the fire.  And then my daddy came and snuggled with me.  I love him.

––I seriously miss my summer/winter/javelina girls.  I sing this all day long in mourning.

––I can feel every single spring through my mattress.  And one has even come through the fabric and cuts my leg at night.  Hmmm.  Well after eight months on the top bunk, i'll take it.

––New Girl just keeps getting better and better.  I mean Nick's little monologues at the end?  And Schmidt!?  The never ending Schmidt dialogue!?  Have you seen this?  Don't doubt me.  Seriously.

––Speaking of tv, you all watched the 30 rock live show right?  No?  Do it now.

––And last but not least, today is my beautiful mother's birthday!  And Monday is my father's birthday!  Mushy post to come!

––Happy Cinco De Mayo!

––Did anyone else feel like I abused the exclamation mark?  Big surprise huh, ya'll are used to me being very moody.  Not today my friends, not today.

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