Winter, the lost files

Winter semester has come.  And it has gone...
And these are the pictures I never posted that I feel like posting..  And there are a lot of them...  Word.
sunday dinners eating pasta out of a mixing bowl, ain't no thang
Kylie getting things from her missionary and sending him good thoughts every night {every night}
good {and creepy?} times with Erika...  okay so just creepy times with Erika.
sushi night with the summer girls! and apparently a frog and a narwhal...
study sessions at the park with my giraffe friend Zeke
burning chicken and making the apartment smell like smoke for a week!  that takes talent people.
my papi likes to Skype, like realllly likes to Skype.
more roomies & getting high {joke!}
 hiking the Y for the first time {i still can't figure out this last picture}
 Titanic & Gilbert, AZ temple!
 blessed, blessed night drives.
finals week treat with the roomies.  have you ever been to sub zero? it's insane! they make your ice cream right there! whhhaaaa.

these files are now no longer lost.
the end.