Ignition Remix

Whatta weekend man.  What. A. Weekend.
It was Erika's twentieth birthday, and boy did we go all out.  First stop, sushi.
Next, spark.
Then the best part of the night, Karaoke bar!  Turns out a Tongan bachelorette party was there belting their hearts out too, so we joined in and ended up with a full on dance party.  And it was amazing.  Seriously though, why hadn't we discovered this earlier this year?  Or even last year!?  Amazing I tell ya.
And to finish it off, this morning we went to the Thai Festival in Layton.  And it was delicious, and hilarious, and glorious.  We even got a full on Tae Kwon Do performance, to Eye of the Tiger no less!
 Now it's time to get down to business; three finals, one final project, and 2 papers are on my plate!  Good luck to the rest of you...  If you are in college... and stuff....
Speaking of school, guess what I got on my last test?  Just guess.  A 96% awhhhhh yeahhhhhh!
If you're needin' a study break you should watch this and this.  Can't.  Stop.  Laughing.
I never know how to end these things.
Go toros!
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