Adios Muchachos

We are so sad...  So we threw a party!  My dear Haley has left for study abroad in Spain this week, so Rachel {serious props!} threw her a surprise farewell party!  I honestly do not know what I'm going to do without her this summer.  When I came to college as a wee seventeen year old, Haley was my momma away from home.  It goes without saying that she is the sweetest person you will ever meet, and probably smarter than all ya'll combined.  I already miss her so much...  And in case anyone was keeping count...  She is the third Tingey girl to study abroad!  First it was Shayn who went to China last fall, then Bailey went to Jerusalem this winter, and now Haley is off for the summer!  I wonder who's next??

Miss you Momma Hay Hay!
p.s. hay is in the blue scarf!
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