To kick off the ever favorite month of March, we adventured.  Lindsay, Erika & I braved the snowing-whilst-driving up the canyon {don't tell my dad} to hang out in Midway all day!  So do I have a picture overload for you today or what?!  Sorry, can't help it that my best friends are beautiful.

We started out with sledding at Soldier's Hollow.  Turns out the staff was needing some entertainment and decided to pick on us to get it.  At first we all thought they hated us after they continued to make fun of us, but by the end of the day we got each one of them to love us.  They walkie-talkied to each other every time we tripped, what to say to us, what we did stupid, so on so forth.  It was so funny.  Even the professional bull rider loved us by the time we were through!  So that happened.
Afterwards we stopped at Tarahumara, also known as the BEST Mexican outside of Arizona.  Of course we were seriously deprived {us AZ girls} and went to town at the salsa bar.  And maybe got a little crazy with the crayons.  It happens.
We had to stop at the Tait barn, and just so happened to make a friend!  The second we pulled over Lindsay was out of the car, across the street, and trying to feed "her" horse Clydie.  Linz was seriously SO happy.  Beaming.
{Tina eat the food!}

And finally, a stomp around ye old train yard.  Do you know Kathryn?  Basically she's so stylish, and I just remembered this shoot she did in December.  Which means next time, we are on top of those trains!

Do you know what all of this means?  All of this means that March is going to be the best month ever.  If you disagree, it doesn't help that we had the best crepes with Makayla a couple of hours later, and that I randomly made a snowman with a boy I hadn't even met at two in the morning.  You only live once.

Now if only all of this happiness could transfer over to my grades in school...

p.s. disregard the hoodie and stringy hair in all of these pictures... i actually do get dressed sometimes.