Marta! Marta!

The post in which I catch up on all of the pictures you've probably already seen on facebook, but need to be blogged anyway {for my mommie}.  Also known as the post in which you see all the crappy food I've been eating.  Huzzah!
 Broomball forever ago!

Free pancakes at iHop with the roomies!Crepes with the Javelinas!
Classic Skating!  I still hate classic skating!  But I love my friends!
Sammy's with Hunter the night everyone was gone!
{p.s. I totally forgot, but the last time I went to Sammy's [en route to The Vow] you won't believe who I met.  C.JANE!!!!  Ahhh!  She was so nice.  It was amazing.}
Girl time outside post-pool with Erika & Kylie!Playing with Kylie's missionary gift from Korea!

Picture overload, myyy specialty.