Our Jidges!

Saturday.  The best day of my life.  Thus far.  Kind of.  Okay so maybe like the third best day of my life.  My celeb-stalking-disneyland-lovin-contest-winning friend Skyler {shoutoutttt} filled us in about the free tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance Salt Lake City auditions!  So off we went...
While waiting, Erika was reunited with "Ringo Starr", who so kindly gave her a custom Ringo calendar.  His daughter Britney tried out at the auditions with "jazz-burlesque" and Nigel had him come on stage tell us what he was all about.  A good man, that Starr.  Even inspired that catchphrase of the day: you're a starrrrrrrrr.
We were seated in the back section of the floor so that we would be right behind the judges heads.  The cameraman that would come up and down the aisle looveeed Lindsay so hopefully we get some tv time!  It was incredible to see the behind the scenes, the process, the real time, i mean everything about the auditions.  The energy was just awesome--- booing the judges, giving high fives to the dancers, man.  One solo was so neat, the guys grandma used to be a dancer, so Nigel had her come down and sit in his chair to "critique" her grandson, who then, of course, whips out the most amazing number.  Tears in my eyes people.  Tickets to Vegas, Nigel flirting with the moms, amazing solos, hilarious commentary between Erika and I...  Oh man.  After a couple of hours we suspended for lunch.  On our way out we were able to tell multiple dancers how amazing they were, and even sat next to one of the amazing ones {Melissa?} at Olive Garden.  Oh, AND Robert!  We passed Robert whilst crossing the street.  He was there to help with choreography with Courtney.  I know right?  A dream.
Alright so guess where we sat after lunch...  THE BALCONY.  Guess who we talked to?  And made faces with?  And tweeted at?  And laughed with?  And clapped with?  And flirted with?  And gave nodes of agreement to?  THE JUDGES.  This is where we sat for the thirty or so solos.  Can life get better?  I submit that it cannot.

Other highlights: seeing Ryan from season 6, telling Robert we loved him and him loving us back, Adam Shankman doing rock on back to Erika, Lindsay tweeting Nigel that we were in the right balcony {and him giving creepy eyes to us the rest of the time}, Nigel making an inappropriate comment and then copying my reaction back to me whilst shrugging his shoulders, high-fiving LeRoy {he's getting air time I guagrantee}, Amber {she's going far people!}, Nigel's bitter remarks about his ex-wife, Adams happy remarks about girls "barking up the wrong tree" {poor Erika}, and of course so much more.

One thing I was surprised at was how genuine everything was.  You know when you watch it on tv, and you see a clip about the kid with the sad story, and think it's cheesy and what not...  Not here.  Here, it is so real.  And so incredible to see everyone truly support one another.  BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD!  I mean, before each solo the judges talked to the dancer for a good seven minutes each, that says a lot.  I don't know if I can wait any longer, the season needs to start!
After the auditions I got to see my cousin Brynlee in her last Cougarette concert.  She's amazing.  All these dancers man.  So jealous.  Then it was off to Park City to a hot shower and king-sized bed.  I'm livin' the life people.  La-ivin-the-life.
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